Visit the Plaza Hotel & Casino for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Formerly known as the Union Plaza, the Plaza Hotel & Casino is one of the premiere gaming properties in Las Vegas, which is generally known as the gaming center of the world. Aside its good reputation for providing various outstanding restaurants within the facility, this Tamares Group-owned casino hotel ensures that the prices of its rooms and suites are affordable and convenient enough for the customers. Despite being geared towards providing excellent hospitality services, the Plaza Hotel & Casino has never taken its casino services for granted.

In fact, it has always come up with excellent promotions and great deals that would encourage guests to book into this wonderful gaming facility. Besides its elegant poker room, expansive selection of table games, and variety of slot machines, this place also offers bingo games for its varied guests and visitors. The Plaza Hotel & Casino may have been overshadowed by the posh hotels scattered all over the city, but its great share of the limelight is surely undeniable. Throughout the years, this gaming facility has been featured in box office motion pictures like “Back to the Future II,” “Pay It Forward,” and “The Mexican.” It has also played special roles in movies such as “The Stand,” “Cool World,” and the classic James Bond hit “Diamonds Are Forever.”

However, it was probably the hosting of television show “Ultimate Poker Challenge,” which introduced the place to extensive audiences worldwide. With all the new and much bigger casino hotels in town, the slot machines at the Plaza Hotel & Casino may not be as extravagant like its counterparts, but it has guaranteed to bring the best of these machines and other video gaming equipment to its valuable guests. Its present lineup of equipment includes more than a hundred progressive slots, 280 machines on keno and poker, and over 400 video reel games. In addition to its excellent list of slot machines, a wide variety of high quality table games are available to bring the fun to everyone. In fact, it was once considered by the gaming industry as one of the top locations for playing blackjack. Furthermore, games like craps, roulettes, and three-card poker never fails to amaze and encourage guests to play more. With the ultra cozy feeling that this place brings combined with the gentle and friendly services of its dealers, players will experience nothing else but relaxation and fun throughout their stay in the facility.

Meanwhile, the Plaza Hotel & Casino also provides excellent bingo games for everyone. While some people may find bingo as a tension-filled and pressure-packed game, it is still probably one of the coolest and most relaxing games available today. On the other hand, its first-class poker room is notable for the comfort and world-class feel that it brings to the players. All of these combine to bring the ultimate gaming experience and fun to everyone.